Rotary Takapuna North

Rotary Takapuna North

Rotary Takapuna North

Rotary Takapuna North is REBUILDING...

...its Membership and this Website.

Until our new website is up and running here's a little about us.


To be the Club of choice using our diverse organisational skills to deliver worthwhile projects both large and small, to the benefit of people of all ages in our communities.

Our Rotary Club

Provides a proven structure to deliver value to our community efficiently. For the majority, it brings a collegiate environment that adds value to each of us. Rotary provides an unrivalled means of giving humanitarian benefit back to the community, the reason why most of us belong.

Our projects provide the opportunity for men and women to work in a team to contribute to community projects both locally on the North Shore and in other communities further afield both on and offshore.

The Club through its 30 years of fund raising has successfully completed 100's of projects large and small, from supporting school playgrounds, to a three year $60,000 commitment to the Hippy organisation. And our greatest project established the Award winning Yes Centre, a six year $4,000,000 fundraising and organisational marathon that now provides a disability support group centre that is of national significance. For all of us involved, it truly has been an inspirational and rewarding experience.

General Information

The Club has over 30 members, men and women, the majority of whom are business professionals. We meet at the Milford Cruising Club, Craig Road, Milford, at 5.45pm on Monday evenings. The meeting starts at 6.15pm. Our short structured dinner meetings provide, a mix of socialising where networking and friendships are promoted, information on upcoming projects and a presentation on a topical subject from a guest speaker. The meeting finishes at 7.45pm.

Contact us:

Kerryanne Seaton
027 294 0620

Bill Grieve
021 943 823

To find out what we are up to currently, please take a look at our Facebook page here.